European Database of Frozen Blood Units of Rare Blood Groups

The European database of frozen blood units of rare blood groups is provided by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) in the framework of the activities of the European Committee (partial agreement) on Blood Transfusion of the Council of Europe. The database is a tool for blood establishments for facilitation of searches for frozen blood units of rare blood groups. Individual blood establishments are making available their data on stored frozen blood units to this database on a voluntary basis.


Please be aware that :

  • the contact information provided is for use by blood establishments/blood services that are in charge of the distribution of blood units in the country where the patient – needing a unit blood of a rare blood group - will be transfused. Contacts to the blood establishment storing a specific frozen blood unit should not be made by individual hospitals.
  • the evaluation of requests for and the decision to release frozen blood units is solely the responsibility of the blood establishment storing the requested units.
  • not all blood establishments that store frozen units of rare blood groups contribute their data to this database;
  • even though the database is updated regularly, the data might not reflect recent changes of stocks at the individual blood establishments;

Hence the database cannot give a complete and real-time picture of all available units of rare blood groups available in blood establishments in Europe.

The Database can be used without prior registration. Use of the Database means agreement with the terms as described in the disclaimer.

EDQM declines any responsibility for incomplete or incorrect data in the Database as well as any responsibility for decisions and actions triggered by the use of the database. EDQM cannot be held liable for any damage caused to people or materials (which includes hard and software) as a result of or in connection with the use of the Database.

Questions or comments can be submitted by e-mail to the EDQM Helpdesk (www.edqm.eu/hd).

Minimum system requirements

The Rare Blood Groups database is accessed via a web browser, but not all versions of all browsers will necessarily be compatible with all functions of the database (supported browsers).